Île de Port Cros

Smallest island in the archipelago of the Iles d'Or, Port Cros is also the wildest. Preserved and natural, since 1963 the island forms the first National Marine Park protecting the plant and marine heritage of the Riviera. You don't know this island ? Discover this little piece of Mediterranean paradise with us !

Port Cros, a beautiful preserved island in the Mediterranean Sea

Port cros

Climb aboard and discover the Caribbean of the South of France. Between palmtrees, turquoise water and verdant landscapes, the island of Port Cros is the symbol of the conservation of marine biodiversity. Upon arrival, you can enjoy the clear waters to discover the protected underwater depths. Put on your mask, your fins and your snorkel and dive to the discover the richness of the vegetable subaquatic species and the fishes of the Var coast. The maritime area is marked out to admire the Mediterranean aquatic fauna.

After the sea, you want to explore the land? Anchor your boat in the harbor. It is from here only that you can access the marked botanical trail of the island. Steep cliffs, luxurious vegetation with pines and oaks, walking in the island you will meet to meet a rich and rare fauna. Cormorants, Jason butterfly, discover the exceptional variety of protected species on the island.

After 30 minutes of walking, you arrive on a splendid sand beach only accessible by the land (the mooring of the boats is forbidden to protect the seabed).

To note : unlike its older sister Porquerolles, Port Cros is not renowned for its beaches. There are, however, only three:

  • Plage du Sud
    Splendid beach of white sand easily accessible, very frequented and sheltered from the east wind

  • Plage de Port Man
    Far from the village, this pebble beach is the favorite for boaters
    It is close to the anchorage of Port-Man which is the only place in addition to the port where you can anchor your boat around the island.

  • La plage de la Palud
    In the heart of the bay of La Palud where the anchorage is formally forbidden,
    this mini coarse sand beach is primarily the starting point of the underwater trail.
    It is accessible by the trails of the island after about 45 minutes of walking

Village, harbor and botanical trail: the regulation of Port Cros

Preserved in its natural state, the island of Port-Cros is a small paradise that requires to respect a few rules. Bicycles and dogs are prohibited on the island. It's also forbidden to smoke and to make fire outside the village to avoid the risks of fire.

Want to bring back a small souvenir of the island? Prefer photos because picking is prohibited. Finally at sea, underwater fishing is also prohibited.

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