Hyeres Islands

The most beautiful places on the French Riviera, it's with Top Charter ! With one of our rental boats of our fleet, discover the famous Hyeres islands. Named "îles d'Or", the three islands off Hyeres are very loved for their natural beauty. The three islands have a preserve flora and are therefore real Mediterranean jewels. Theater of a provençale legend, discover these islands with our team. Set a course for Hyeres islands !

Porquerolles island, beautiful and exceptional landscapesPorquerolles Island

Legend says that the three islands are three princesses transformed into rock by a curse. The big sister of the princesses is Porquerolles. Bigger than the others islands, Porquerolles offers unique landscapes with small coves, intimate creeks and vertiginous cliffs. Of the northern coast you will be able to see the splendid beaches of Var. Plage d'Argent, plage du langoustier, plage de Notre Dame et la plage de la Courtade, enjoy these havens of peace in the Mediterraneanon your rental yacht. Porquerolles is also known for its varied flora : in the spring the island is a beautiful and perfumed flower bouquet. Porquerolles is also a small village typically provencal on the island.

île de Port CrosÎle de Port Cros, smallest island

Port Cros is the first national park in Europe, don't miss it ! The Île de Port Cros is the smallest island of the îles d'Or (2,5 mi long and 1,5 mi wide). The highest point of the island is at Mount Vinaigre. Wild, Port Cros is a rocky island with only three beaches : Plage du sud, Port Man and Plage de la Palud. These beaches are surrounded by a scrub with many maritime pines, oak trees... On the island you can discover a marked botanical path.
And the beauty of Port Cros is also under the sea ! Explore the seabed from your boat and dive into the preserved maritime zone. An aquatic exploration unforgettable !

Le Levant : the most natural of the Îles d'OrLe Levant island

To the east of the archipel and separated by the Passe des Grottes (0,6 mi), le Levant is a hilly island. Like Port Cros, Le Levant also enjoys a reputation in Europe beacuse this Var island arboreous by the most beautiful arbutus trees in Europe. When you go to the rocky coast, you can access to the Natural Regional Reserve of the arbutus.
The beach of Les Grottes du Levant is reserved for full naturism.

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